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Absolut Electrik Nights

by Marshmallow Laser Feast

Art Direction & Creative Coding

 Absolut Vodka are launching a new collaboration with Marshmallow Laser Feast and R&S Records, exploring the natural next step for clubbing in a digital native world. Illuminating the grey region between the physical and the virtual, Electrik London will bring together the best in electronic music, cutting-edge technology and – of course – innovative Absolut drinks. Inspired by the blue and silver chrome bottles of the limited edition Absolut Electrik, the collaborative event looks to find synergy between the unexpected – fusing a familiar concept with a future-facing approach, in the hope of creating a transformative experience for an audience in search (and in need) of something new.

To launch Absolut's new limited edition Electrik Bottles we conceived and developed an innovative and immersive night-out experience. We created 3 experiential rooms: interactive, real time walls surrounding the user (and the dj), a VR experience that dives deep in the music played, and an interactive laser sculpture that brings the new chrome bottles to life.

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