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A Bad Day at the Office

by Studio Hansa

Art Direction & Graphic Design

“Today, life kicks Wallace D. Popple in the balls… Literally. The narrator chronicles Wallace’s pitiful existence in the corporate mincer against a backdrop of painful mishaps and begs the question; Is Wallace’s luckless day just desserts for a spineless existence in a job he despises?”

Bad Day at the Office achieved some pretty great things… BAFTA-qualifying, Jury selection for ‘Best Film’ at the Crossroads Film Festival in the U.S, an extensive festival tour across the globe as well as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Partly funded through Kickstarter (a ‘Staff Pick’) the film has subsequently gone viral since its online release being picked up by some of the most influential blogs in the world with viewership in their millions. The culmination of lots of hard work from lots of talented folk, it’s an achievement we’re all very proud of that has seemed to resonate with a global audience.

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