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Creative Coding & Art Direction

Ephemerally moving in space. Flowing along in a steady, continuous stream. This work reflects upon the continuous movement of energy, its transformations into something new, never to be created, never to be destroyed, but always evolving and changing. It is a perpetual movement, generated by simple algorithms that continuously generate new shapes, always moving, always flowing. The procedural algorithms combine forms with each other, separating them, reshaping them. ​

It can be purchased on FRAMED


Creative Coding & Art Direction

What does it feel like to be trapped in your own body? To be trapped by your own emotions? This installation captures in real time the movement of a dancer and pushes further the already existing emotions of the dance with the moving graphics. Custom design built in VVVV, using a Kinect.

Audio Reactive Visuals

Creative Coding & Art Direction

Sound reactive graphics processed in real time.
Developed in VVVV, DX11.

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